The Moon and Sixpence

W. Somerset Maugham • S3 E4

Join Oscar and Neal as each sacrifices the other in pursuit of artistic perfection.

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Science fiction is a genre of high highs and low lows. Join Neal and Oscar as they sift through awards lists looking for gold. If you're looking for something new to read, or just like deep dives into criticism, then Night Spice is for you.

The Duke & I

Julia Quinn • S3 E3

Will Neal and Oscar have to fight a thinly-premised duel over this book, or will it agree to marry one of them first?

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

John le Carré • S3 E2

Two hosts, two divergent ratings. Who is the hero, and who has betrayed his empire to the Russians?

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Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen • S3 E1

Is Mrs. Bennet literature's greatest villain? Is Mr. Bingley just doing his best? Who knows?

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Special Episode: The Grand Review

After two seasons, Oscar and Neal go over their 24 review scores and make sure everything lines up.

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Lovecraft Country

Matt Ruff • S2 E12

Dust off your natural philosophy degrees and join us in spooky alternate history 1954.

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Cosmonaut Keep

Ken MacLeod • S2 E11

Let Oscar and Neal initiate you into the family secret. It's something to do with...squid research?

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Children of Time

Adrian Tchaikovsky • S2 E10

No spoilers, but...we hope you like spiders.

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Rendezvous With Rama

Arthur C. Clarke • S2 E9

Rendezvous with Neal and Oscar as we rendezvous with Rendezvous With Rama.

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